Thursday, March 12, 2009


Network Keyterm - 2


When referring to your own connection, bandwidth is the total maximum capacity of your network or modem connection. A MODEMs bandwidth is measured in BPS. The more bandwidth you have, the faster you will be able to receive and/or send information.


BitTorrent is a file sharing utility that shares files between all clients currently getting the file and continues to share the file on their computer. What makes bitTorrent so successful is that it shares the files between all users, which means if the file is popular, the bandwidth is likely to increase and will not overload or stop the download because so many users trying to get the file at the same time.


A computer bridge is a device that connects two local-area networks (LANs), or two segments of the same LAN. Unlike a router, bridges are protocol -independent. They simply forward packets without analyzing and re-routing messages.


Sometimes abbreviated as bb or referred to as a wideband transmission, broadband refers to telecommunications that provide a variety of channels of data over a single communication medium (wire). Today, there are a wide variety of broadband technologies available in most areas, two of the more commonly found and used technologies are cable and DSL broadband.


When referring to computers, a broadcast is used to describe a message sent to all individuals in an area. In computer networking, the broadcast address is used to distribute a signal across a network, commonly used to declare to other devices on a network that a new device has connected to the network and to give those other devices information about the newly connected device. The broadcast address on a network is commonly an address that ends with "255". For example, a broadcast netmask is "".




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